STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE MAKIMONO  - New York style cheesecake + strawberries rolled in pink soy paper + tempura-fried; topped with chocolate sauce, mixed nuts, powdered sugar + whipped cream

APPLE CHEESECAKE MAKIMONO  - Tempura-battered new york style cheesecake and apple filling rolled in green soy paper, topped with caramel sauce, mixed nuts, powdered sugar, and whipped cream

CHOCOLATE HEAVEN  - Warm, rich chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream, + topped with chocolate syrup + powdered sugar

FRIED BANANA  - Deep-fried banana spring roll with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce + whipped cream

FRIED GREEN TEA ICE CREAM  - Green tea ice cream wrapped in pound cake + tempura-fried, served with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, mixed nuts + whipped cream

MOCHI  - Choice of green tea, coffee, strawberry + mango ice cream inside a rice pastry with whipped cream